Fractures, joint dislocations, tendon/ligament injuries, joint repair

Within our specialized Sports Medicine Podiatry service, we possess a wealth of expertise in addressing a diverse range of foot and ankle injuries, including fractures, joint dislocations, tendon and ligament injuries, and joint repairs. Our dedicated team of podiatrists is well-versed in the intricate anatomy of the lower extremities, employing advanced diagnostic tools to precisely assess the extent of damage. Whether it’s a complex fracture, a dislocated joint, or a compromised tendon/ligament, our treatment strategies are tailored to facilitate optimal recovery. Through surgical and non-surgical interventions, we aim not only to heal injuries but also to restore full function and prevent long-term complications. With a focus on evidence-based practices and a commitment to comprehensive rehabilitation, our Foot and Ankle Injury service aims to empower athletes to regain strength, stability, and confidence in their performance.

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